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Supported Living Services


Supported living services offer solutions to people who do not want to live in residential care but find it difficult to cope at home. Services offered include personal care, eating, cooking and shopping. 

What do we offer?

Hygienic and Safe

All our rooms and premises are kept clean and tidy. We will work with you to maintain a hygienic and safe living environment. 

Food preparation and healthy eating

We are dedicated to supporting our residents to eat well. Based on your food preferences, we involve you as much as possible in food preparation. We can help you with food preparation and develop a healthy eating diet chart tailored for you. 

Recreational and health activities

We encourage residents to participate in leisure and health activities that promote their mental wellbeing. We support residents with accessing leisure and health facilities to promote healthy lifestyles.

Accessing health services

We assess each individual's needs and work with them and their families, their local GPs and other health and social care professionals to provide clients with holistic support. We help them in accessing and registering with health services. We encourage helpful relationships between clients and their families and the community. 

Education, training and employment

To promote your independence and meaningful life, we will provide person centred support when you would like to continue with education, enrol in special training or course or get into work. We will support you to access appropriate training to build confidence to gain employment.

Taking care of your emotional and mental health

We will take care of your emotional and mental health well-being to ensure your stay with us is most enjoyable.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is one of the services we provide to residents. This involves using creative techniques like painting, drawing, colouring, or sculpting to help residents express their emotions artistically. We believe that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being.

Shopping and budeting

Our residents will be supported with grocery and household shopping and basic budgeting if they need assistance. This will help them to take care of their finances. We support residents to engage in lifestyle activities that bring meaning to their lives.

Community engagement

We have access to regular free courses including gardening, cooking, health and well-being, mental health and computing. The courses help to bring out and  nurture our clients' talents. We also organise regular events which include, cultural activities such as museum visits, cognitive activities such as library visits and self-esteem activities including charity work. 

Safe environment

All our clients are guaranteed of a safe living environment and being cared for by staff trained in health and safety.

Family contact

Good mental health and family support go hand in hand. We encourage family contact for all residents. Our premises are clean and homely and our residents can invite their family to visit them with pride. We work together with residents’ families to promote quality care. 

Religious and cultural needs or preferences

At Cor Care Force, we take time to know each client individually. We attend to every detail that can make a difference in meeting our clients’ cultural or religious needs. We respect each individual's choices and wishes.

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