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Domiciliary Care Services

Home theatre

We provide services to:

  • Older people aged 65 and over who require personal care

  • Young people aged 16+ who needs care and support at home

  • People with dementia

  • People with physical disabilities

  • People with sensory loss, including those with dual sensory impairment

  • People with mental health problems

  • People with learning disabilities.

Our clients range from 16+ to over 100 years of age. Some may simply require a companion whereas others may have severe physical or mental disabilities.



Weekly shopping

Weekly shopping does not have be long and difficult. We can help you with picking up a few essential items and can even accompany you to supermarkets. In addition, if you feel like browsing your local shops, we can accompany you and make it an enjoyable experience for you.



We provide a friendly face to not only accompany you to shopping or doing your cleaning but also companionship. Somebody to share a cup of tea and natter. Take a walk or go swimming or assist with hobbies and any activities that you enjoy. Our carers can even attend classes or events with you to help you get the most of the experience. Our aim is to reduce or prevent loneliness in the elderly who might otherwise become isolated.


Cleaning and chores

They say - Tidy house, Tidy Mind We offer cleaning services to relieve you off the pressure of cleaning your house. Our carers will carry out many tasks such as washing dishes, vacuuming both carpeted and wooden flooring, cleaning bathrooms, oven cleaning, and even full spring cleaning.


Meal preparation

Our carers are trained to adhere to strict dietary requirements based on your needs and your personal preferences. Your carer will prepare delicious and nutritious meals that suit your own tastes and will also clean up afterwards.


Medical assistance

In addition to administering your medicines on time, our carers are also trained to deliver specialist nursing support. Our carers are carefully chosen not only for experience and skills in healthcare but we also look for passion for caring so they will treat our clients with care and respect. We give you complete control to choose a carer who you feel will provide you with best support to help you live your life to the fullest.


Personal care

Personal care means help with things like eating, washing and using the toilet. Your carer will support you with any daily task like bathing, showering, dressing and toileting with utmost care and dignity. We will provide a tailored support that will adapt with your regular routine and ensure that your comfort is paramount.


Respite care

Our staff can provide cover from a few hours to all day if your primary carer is having a break from their carer responsibilities. Relatives and carers can confidently enjoy a short time away knowing that CORcareforce staff will provide everyday physical, practical, domestic, and emotional support and give you and your family total peace of mind. This may be the option if you have recently been discharged from the hospital. With our compassionate and caring nurses, we can look after you in the comfort of your own home, leaving you free to concentrate on recuperation and enjoying being at home in familiar surroundings. They will make sure that your privacy, dignity, and self-respect are maintained at all times.


Life can sometimes be challenging, it's part of our stories. Sometimes, asking for help may be difficult, but getting the right physical and emotional support can make all the difference to you and give peace of mind to your family.

Over the years we have listened to our clients and their

families to develop a service,

which recognises all needs in-dept,

support and encourage you or

your loved one in:

  • Hobbies

  • Interests & Goals

  • Develop your independent living skills

  • Encourage your personal growth

  • Help you to live well with a life-limiting illness

With live-in care, you can live your life the way you want. By understanding your preferences and needs, we will put a tailored support plan in place with a suitable carer. We will support you stay comfortably in the home you know and love.

"We are devoted to providing the highest quality care to you, while enabling you to remain in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to be close to family, friends and surroundings which are familiar to
you whilst providing help in your independence."
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