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Day/Night Carer/Assistant

United Kingdom

Job Type

Part Time/ Full Time/ TemporaryPart Time

About the Role


Responsible to: Registered Manager or other senior member of staff directed by the registered manager.
Purpose of Position:
To provide wakeful night duty cover in the Home. To undertake certain domestic duties which can be performed during night hours.

To share with other staff in meeting the personal care needs of residents in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes independence.

To take delegated responsibilities in the charge of the residents under your care, to the appropriate level.

Principal Responsibilities

• Give support and care to the residents whilst maintaining their rights to independence, privacy, dignity and choice
• Assist with preparing residents for bed and/or assist them in the morning.
• Assist residents who require help to dress/undress, wash, bath and use the toilet.
• Assist residents with mobility problems and other physical disabilities including the use and care of aids and personal equipment.
• Assist residents who need help with personal hygiene e.g. incontinence.
• Administer medication (once trained) as required.
• Assist in the care of residents who are unwell or dying.
• Carry out regular checks on residents at intervals determined by the Registered Manager and with due regard to residents’ privacy and dignity.
• Monitor the needs of the residents, informing a senior member of staff on duty or the sleep-in/on-call officer of any emergency situation or concern about their well being.
• Answer call bells, emergency bells, the door and the telephone: greet visitors.
• Be aware of residents whereabouts if absent from their bedroom.
• Carry out regular checks on the building with special reference to fire prevention at intervals determined by the Registered Manager. Ensure that the Home is secure, all fire doors closed and external doors and windows locked and machinery switched off.
• Make and change beds, tidy rooms, do light cleaning and empty commodes.
• Inspect and mend residents’ clothes where necessary.
• Finish any laundry left from the day and carry out night laundry.
To assist with the cleaning of the Home, as directed by the senior member of staff on duty, ensuring that the home always meets high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This will usually include:
• Tidy up lounge, dining room or offices as required.
• Lay trays and tables in dining room in preparation for breakfast.
• Prepare drinks, snacks, early breakfasts and make early morning tea for the residents as required.
• Receive, record and communicate information and messages in accordance with the Home’s procedures
• Maintain all residents’ records and give and receive written / verbal reports, whilst ensuring confidentiality
• Take part in staff and residents meetings and also in training activities as required.
• Attend and participate in regular formal supervision and appraisal sessions
• Be aware of and adhere to Finetouch Care Agency's policies and procedures.

In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed; the job holder is required to perform other duties assigned by the manager from time to time.


Training & Background Checks
An enhanced DBS check & full training will be provided prior to commencing work with our client and you will also be supported by our clinical lead nurse for the area.

  • Being reliable and trustworthy.

  • Having good stamina.

  • Being patient and tactful

  • Having good knowledge about hygiene standards and basis health care.

  • Being able to deal with people from different backgrounds.

  • Having interpersonal abilities.

  • Being able to solve different types of problems.

  • Having manual dexterity.

  • Having a desire to help people.

  • Being a good listener.

About the Company

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our service users by providing personalised services using strength-based approach, providing service users choice and control with careers who recognise the importance of promoting independence. CORcareforce was founded by a team of healthcare workers who strive to deliver quality, reliable and easy access care and support to those who needs it. Our work force are the heart of what we do, therefor we like to invest in our staff members to ensure everyone has the right skills, knowledge and experience they need to fullfil their duties effectively.

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