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Complex Care Carers

United Kingdom

Job Type

Part Time/ Full Time/ Temporary

About the Role

As part of his support team you will be responsible for assisting with:
Supporting Independence and continued rehabilitation
Provide personalised support in a sensitive and confidential manner, to individuals and families according to their personalised support plan.
Understand and follow care plans, seeking clarification from the healthcare coordinator or clinical lead nurse as necessary.
Participate in monitoring and review of Service Users’ care plans
Work in a professional manner with all members of the Service user’s Multidisciplinary team and other health professionals that may be involved.
Promote self-care and self-management to achieve a maximum level of independence for each individual.
This may include:

Assistance with Service Users’ mobility, feeding, washing, bathing and dressing.
Management of neurogenic bladder - care of urethral/ suprapubic catheter or through use of intermittent catheterisation.

Management of neurogenic bowel – undertaking bowel care regime as defined in the care and support plan- this may include Digital Rectal Examination, Digital Rectal Stimulation, Digital Rectal removal of faeces, insertion of suppositories or enema, use of bowel irrigation system.

Assistance with domestic care tasks such as laundry, ironing, and household cleaning.

Preparation of food and drinks, kitchen cleaning and hygiene, assistance with shopping and menu planning.

Assisting Service Users to attend appointments, go shopping, collect pensions etc.

Provision of emotional support to increase the Service Users’ confidence and motivation.

Assist with the use of moving and handling equipment to promote independence and ensure safety of all

Monitor skin integrity and ensure any changes are noted and raised with clinical lead, so these changes can be acted on

Administer medication as designated in the care and support plan in accordance with Company policies and procedures. This may include monitoring self-medication, prompting medication or administering medication.

Assist Service Users with rehabilitation activities as directed by the care and support plan and as directed and developed by members of the multidisciplinary team.

Monitor Service User’s general health and well-being using equipment provided and respond and react as directed in the care and support plan to any changes that may be indicative of Autonomic Dysreflexia or potential infection.

Deliver support in a manner which is sensitive to the service user’s culture, disability, race, age, sexuality, marital or civil partnership status, transgender status or religion/belief.

Document clearly in the daily records on the progress of rehabilitation programmes i.e. observing, recording, and reporting on changes in a Service User’s physical and/or emotional condition.
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Training & Background Checks
An enhanced DBS check & full training will be provided prior to commencing work with our client and you will also be supported by our clinical lead nurse for the area.

  • Being reliable and trustworthy.

  • Having good stamina.

  • Being patient and tactful

  • Having good knowledge about hygiene standards and basis health care.

  • Being able to deal with people from different backgrounds.

  • Having interpersonal abilities.

  • Being able to solve different types of problems.

  • Having manual dexterity.

  • Having a desire to help people.

  • Being a good listener.

About the Company

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our service users by providing personalised services using strength-based approach, providing service users choice and control with careers who recognise the importance of promoting independence. CORcareforce was founded by a team of healthcare workers who strive to deliver quality, reliable and easy access care and support to those who needs it. Our work force are the heart of what we do, therefor we like to invest in our staff members to ensure everyone has the right skills, knowledge and experience they need to fullfil their duties effectively.

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